Bakon Vodka

People have been mixing savory ingredients with alcohol as long as we have been drinking alcohol. Writers from the 17th century, including John Locke and Samuel Pepys frequently imbibed and wrote about savory infused ales. It turns out that mixing sweet and savory in food and beverage is not a new idea.

Starting with a superior quality potato vodka. Distilled from potatoes, it is smooth, slightly sweet with the well-rounded flavor that you only get from a quality potato distillation, with no strong burn or aftertaste. This vodka is column-distilled using a single heating process that doesn't "bruise" the alcohol like the multiple heating cycles needed to make a typical pot-still vodka. Getting the perfect savory bacon flavor took a while to get right too as it was imperative to have the essence of a delicious crisp slice of peppered-bacon.

After numerous recipes and a lot of testing, they got it right. And they think you'll agree.  You'll never want to use another vodka for your Ceasar... and you'll be amazed with the versatility of Bakon Vodka - Pure. Refreshing. Bacon.

Bakon Vodka was awarded 93 pts. by The Beverage Testing Panel.

Calgary's Market Restaurant Mixologist, Rebecca Davis shows her take on a Bakon Caesar 

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750 ml (6 Bottle Case) CSPC# 748698