Valdivieso Brut Limited


Vineyards are located along the Central Valley predominantly at Casablanca

and Bio Valleys. These cool areas allows for a much gentler slower ripening,

where we can retain better acidity and accentuate the aromatic profile of the




The grapes were harvested by hand early in the season to retain their fresh

character. The second fermentation was made in tanks using the charmat

method under strict temperature and pressure controls. After fermentation

the yeast lees were fast decanted, and then the expedition liqueur was

added. Finally the sparkling wine was filtered and bottled.



Pale yellow color with green hues and elegant effervescence. Fresh and fruity

aromas outlined by green apple, toasted almonds and floral notes. Opens

nicely with intense fruit flavors. Round and balanced in the mouth with a fresh

and lively acidity.



Enjoy with different appetizers, white fish, fresh shellfish and pastas with soft

sauce. Ideal for special celebrations. Serve at 9°C.

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Brut Limited Sparkling Wine 750 ml CSCP #773244

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